Why do we stay in Toastmasters?

Hello Everyone!!  We decided to ask our members why they stay in Toastmasters; in one sentence. Here are our thoughts!! Enjoy!


“Toastmaster’s is helping me to learn to think fast on my feet and reply in an organized, articulate manner”   – Maryam

“It has helped me become  an effective communicator and leader, allowing me to further advance my professional skills in training and facilitation.” -Grace

“I stay in Toastmasters to give back” – Julia

“Toastmasters helps me improve in every part of my life” – Shelly

“I like the camaraderie and the opportunity to practice my speaking skills” – Betty

“Toastmasters improves the quality of my life” -Vaishali

“I am new member to TM, and already I am seeing a difference in my confidence when speaking with others, especially recently when I had to 1) address a committee, 2) in a job interview and 3) when I had to make a speech at a function I hosted.  Thanks TM!”  – Maryam

“It makes me inspired, happy and it’s free entertainment” – Bonny

“I enjoy the camaraderie of our club. I like hearing what other people have to say about life. I also need to continue to practice my public speaking skills in a supportive environment” – Marlo

“Staying”… with Toastmasters is a skill in itself, that must be considered , developed and acted upon, till it becomes a habit..” – Gilbert