Meeting Guides

 All roles are assigned and led by club members

I. Welcome

II. Pledge and Opening Thought:  A member is assigned to give the opening thought and lead the club with the Pledge of Allegiance.

III. Business Meeting: Any topics brought to the clubs attention by the Officers

 IV. Toastmaster Leads the Meeting: A designated member is asked to serve as the Toastmaster. The Toastmaster is responsible for:

a) Making sure the meeting runs smoothly

b) Making sure functionary roles are confirmed

c) Confirming that the Speakers are prepared

V. Table Topics: The Table Topics Master will lead this session by asking members and guests to practice their impromptu speaking skills. Each member without a speaking opportunity will be asked to respond to a question and  speak for 1-2 minutes. (feel free to pass it up) Questions are determined by the Table Topics Master.

VI. Mentor’s Moment: An experienced Toastmaster will speak for 2-3 Minutes to inspire or educate the club.

VII. Prepared Speeches: With advance notice, assigned members  give a prepared speech using their manuals. (Manuals are provided when you join) There are usually 3-4 speakers each week.  Speeches are usually 5-7 minutes and advanced speeches are longer depending on the manuals being used.

VIII. Evaluations: At each meeting, a General Evaluator is assigned to provide feedback to the club on how the overall effectiveness of the meeting was run. Each Speaker is assigned an Evaluator who will offer a constructive evaluation of their speech and how they can improve.

IX. Awards and Closing: At each meeting, members get to vote on the Best Table Topics Answer, the best Evaluator, Most Improved Speaker, Best Speaker, and Best Program Manager. Winners are announced before the end of the meeting, and an award is given