Spring 2022 Dues

Greetings fellow Peninsula Toastmasters (members of this club only).  Yes, its’ that time again…The winter months are nearly over, with the end in sight. Warm sun, sand and surf are coming and will soon be calling your name. I am excited to tell you that cool new things are happening at Peninsula Toastmasters.  We are growing and improving services to the members and the community.  Check out our Peninsula Google Apps!  Free accounts for all dues paying members, free training and 30GB document storage..  We are using a full on, commercial suite of the software, that is the same as is used in cities and universities throughout the country.  Thank you Uncle Google!

The six months dues. Things, as in life are always changing.  Toastmasters International (TI, our parent organization) has posted member dues of $7.50 per month. The dues are collected every six months and paid to Toastmasters on your behalf (as a member) so that the club collects slightly in advance, and then pays TI it’s member’s dues.

Our semi-annual dues amounts are $63.00 every six months, payable from March 1st to March 30th (I need a day or 2 to process and pay your due to TI).

The Dues Purpose. As part of our membership we contribute a little to our club and to Toastmaster’s International by our dues payments.  It helps to pay for things at the club like our ribbons, awards, attendance fees at various events for contestants or at times, officers of the club.  We’ve kept the cost of participation in a WORLD-CLASS club to a bare minimum.  $63.00 every six months (our dues) is less than you’re paying for your electric bill in nearly every house any month.

The Due Date. We are giving you plenty of time to figure out what works for you.  The last day you can pay dues and be on time is 09/29/2021 (The treasurer has to pay Toastmasters International by 09/30/2021 for the next semester).  With your help, we can be 100% paid on time. We really prefer that you pay online with your own credit card.  It’s on the front page of our website.  See the front page right side? Will you be a leader?

Other Methods of Payment. Certainly we hope to make paying your dues as simply as possible. We’re flexible in what we’ll take.  Credit or Debit Card; Absolutely, in person or online.  It’s all very (and I mean very) safe.  I should know, I am an information security compliance manager for a global technology services company! Personal checks and cash are of course accepted but not preferred. Not the best security on these, but if that’s your flavor, we’re here to help.  Checks expose a lot of information including your name, address and signature let alone your bank account information and phone number. In person is great, but if needed, you can send through the US Mail.  Cash… this is liquid assets and can be lost or stolen without much hope of recovery. Very low traceability. It’s not that safe in great quantities. Remember that cash can only be used for dues in person, no US Mail service for this method.

pv174 dues are due before 3/31/2019. Click here to pay your dues right now on the website!

If you absolutely must pay your dues after the dates above, you’re not going to be voted out at the club level however… You’re going to be administratively declared ‘inactive’ by Toastmasters International and will need to be reinstated by TI. It’s a pain in the backside to do this, so I’ll have you fill out a new membership application to be reinstated if you don’t renew for 6 months without paying.

As always, if this isn’t clear or you have some other situation, just contact any of the club officers so we can address whatever the situation is and help you work through the details.

Have a super productive day!