Mentoring Program

Peninsula Toastmasters is committed to every member’s professional and personal growth.  We have a mentoring program in which you will be assigned a mentor when you first join and will also be given a mentor if you request one, even if you are a seasoned member.  Attached is our Mentor & Mentee Guidelines.  Mentor Mentee Guidelines Fall 2013

Peninsula Toastmasters Club #174:  Mentor & Mentee Guidelines

Getting Started:

  1. Establish a meeting place & time (best places to meet:  coffee shops, TM meeting locations, restaurants, bookstores, etc.)
    1. Initially, meet in person (do not overwhelm new members with too much info)
    2. Subsequent meeting may be through phone
    3. Rehearse speeches and evaluation in person or Skype
    4. DO NOT end the meeting without agreeing on the next meeting date, time & place
    5. Mentee sets goals in addition to club goals (back page)
    6. Mentor guides the process & suggests next steps
    7. Mentoring may include:
      1. Building a speech
      2. Rehearsing a speech
      3. Planning future speeches
        1. Discussing evaluations
        2. Meeting roles
        3. Learning how to move through manuals more quickly

When Mentoring a New Member

First 4 weeks (check when complete):

  • Œ      Meet in person (no longer than 20 minutes-new members should not be overwhelmed with too much info)
  • Œ      Sit together
  • Œ      Mentor shares how he/she has benefited from membership
  • Œ      Orient the new member to club customs and procedures
  • Œ      Explain how to sign up
  • Œ      Help with the Ice Breaker

Second 4 weeks (check when complete):

  • Œ      Make mentee aware of resources
  • Œ      Provide positive feedback
  • Œ      Explain responsibilities
  • Œ      Help with speeches and other assignments

Final 4 weeks (check when complete):

  • Œ      Invite mentee to other events
  • Œ      Acknowledge progress
  • Œ      Explain officer duties
  • Œ      Explain speech contests
  • Œ      Describe Toastmasters organization

When Mentoring an Experienced Member

  • Œ      Provide your own insights on and experiences with the subject
  • Œ      Observe, listen and provide feedback on the mentee’s efforts
  • Œ      Refer the mentee to books, websites or other materials on subjects you have found helpful
  • Œ      Introduce the mentee to other people who may be able to help too