A Change of Venue (this evening only)

Good Evening Fellow Toastmasters and friends!

As it happens from time to time, our club was displaced this evening from our usual back room in Coco’s in Rancho Palos Verdes (on Western).  We were informed by the management of Coco’s this evening (around 545pm) that their general manager had absent-mindedly sold the conference room in Coco’s on Monday evening at the same time of our meeting. So much for the value of our money at Coco’s.

When we contacted the manager of Coco’s, he was extremely apologetic and took time with us to explain that they made arrangements with Carrows Restaurant across the street from Coco’s.

The meeting was still held and was comfortably full in the space available in the room provided by Carrows. Although our meeting started a bit later (7:1o pm), we were able to adjust the time to fit the room and had 3 guests to make the evening productive and valuable to all who attended.

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