Google Drive File Sharing

Google Drive file sharing is so powerful, it’s hard to start just anywhere. So let’s dive in together, shall we?

What: Google Drive is the file structure of your Google storage. Its where you’ll create web based Docs as well, so don’t let this free tool throw you. It’s like your Office suite, but online and included for free.

When: Saving your documents and articles is really important to us all these days. We want to create docs so we can reference them later or offer a template for us or others to use. We may even want to fill in a form on Google Drive for something like an expense reimbursement (creating a report). These are all sharable with others on Google Drive.

Why: Heres one of the cool parts of Google Drive sharing. You DON’T need to email a copy of this document to another person in the same domain ( You are sending it from within Google Drive by sharing the document. The get the document in their ‘shared with me’ folder and they’ll even know who shared it with them. If you share with one person or a hundred, it’s only one simple step to share. The key is to make a group of users to share with in your contacts list (see your email, look at contacts…use your ‘members’ list).

Where: First, DON’T PANIC! It’s there. Look in your ‘shared with me’ folder. Watch the video, even a couple of times. See if you can get the file on your own. Did someone share in email and you can’t find it? It’s all there. Once you’re on your way, searching will be your next stop, but that’s for another post.

Best of the day, my fellow Toastmasters!
Share some documents you create, and find a way to share something on Google Apps you received.

Here’s the video for your viewing pleasure…

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