Table Topics On Embarrassing Moments

From loosing clothes in public to Holiday sing-along; on Monday 2nd we heard about embarrassing moments in Peninsula Toastmasters Club 174.

After Kevin Zamora’s invocation and pledge on things we should be grateful for, Jack Lawson led a fantastic and unique session of table topics.

The club members shared with the audience their embarrassing moments around Christmas time. Some admitted that, as a kid, never believed in Santa –but played the game because presents were involved. Others talked about the awkward moment of knowing that the gift under the tree with their name on the package actually meant to be shared with their siblings.

We all have memories of those unforgettable childhood times. But next time we think about embarrassing moments, we will remember DTM Betty Nebelsky’s exceptional story about wearing a new fashionable pair of pants, having a good meal, unbutton the pants waist to feel some stomach relief…and standing up forgetting that the pants are unbuttoned. I’ll leave the outcome of the story to your imagination.

DTM Betty Nebelsky won a well-deserved Best Table Topics Speaker ribbon.

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