May 20th: Word of the Day

The Toastmaster introduced the functionaries who presented their roles. Latrece Hawkins, the grammarian, introduced the Word of the Day: fortitude—a noun referring the mental strength and courage that allows someone to face danger, pain, etc.

We heard some interesting use of the language and expressions. For example:

  • What is there not to like about a Disney movie? By Kathy Branconier.
  • Why do people go to the movies when you have TV? By Betty Nebelsky.
  • Pride and Prejudice…my mother decided to drag me to that movie! By Austin Burge.

Although we heard stimulating quotes, inspiring thoughts, provoking words and rousing sayings, only one speaker used fortitude. With patience and fortitude, eventually one day, we may extensively use the Word of the Day.

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