May 20th: Speech #3 – “Is your house safe?”

Anne Marie Knudsen (ATMG/CL) presented “Is your house safe?”—an extensive guideline of the products we use on a daily basis and may have an impact in our health: from dyes used in foods to cleaning products. The speaker called on our common sense to encourage us all to be smart consumers. “Now that I have scared you all, common sense prevails”—Anne Marie concluded. Anne Marie was voted Most Improved Speaker.

Anne Marie Knudsen during her discourse “Is your house safe?”

Anne Marie Knudsen during her discourse “Is your house safe?”

During his evaluation to Anne Marie’s speech, Terry Chodosh (CTM) underlined the applicability of the topic to all in the room. Terry also stressed the detailed and exceptional research executed by the speaker to present her speech and the instructional message contained in it. The evaluator recommended asking a question to the audience when opening the speech. Terry also emphasized the positive effect of presenting the delivery with a touch of humor, encouraged the speaker to talk to people –instead of paying attention to the notes—and to step away from the lectern. The complete evaluation given by Terry allowed him win the Best Evaluator ribbon.

Congratulations to Anne Marie and Terry!

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