May 6th: Speech #2 – “Life Is A Series Of Opening Doors”

Mavera Mir shared “Life Is A Series Of Opening Doors”—a summary of her lifetime journey since the years she was raised in Pakistan to her landing in the United States. A trip along a sequence of high and lows. A voyage through a succession of understandings and misunderstanding. A pilgrimage across a chain of embraceable experiences and rejections.

Emily Wratschko evaluated Mavera’s speech. Emily emphasized the convenience of the theme to fulfill the project. The evaluator pointed out the clearness and the organization of the delivery within a perfectly organized frame. Emily suggested using bullet points instead of memorizing the notes, and stressed the importance of keeping good eye contact with the audience. The evaluator reminded us that speakers should bring both Competent Communicator and Competent Leadership manuals to the meetings to better follow the guidelines of the evaluation.

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