May 6th: Speech #1 – “My Love For Food”

In the speech “My Love For Food”, Babette Davis told us how her passion for food grew in her by seeing her mom cooking. She enjoyed herself tasting numerous delicacies elaborated with the love that only a mom puts on a dish. Later, Babette’s health issues increased dramatically -and this change in her quality life made her realize that she is here on a mission: sharing healthy food with other people with health problems.

Larry Savell (DTM) evaluated Babette’s speech. Larry admitted that the speaker didn’t come across as a new speaker. The evaluator highlighted the vitality, fluency, clarity, and humor of the speaker’s delivery accompanied by an excellent organization and eye contact. Larry suggested varying the pitch—playing with fast, slow, high and low tones—to add emotion and intensity to the discourse. The stunning quality of Larry’s evaluation made him win the Best Evaluator ribbon.

Larry Savell (DTM) during his evaluation to Babette Davis' speech.

Larry Savell (DTM) during his evaluation to Babette Davis’ speech.

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