April 29th: Meeting Highlights – Newly elected 2013-2014 District leaders

The Board informed us of the newly elected 2013-2014 District leaders:

  • District Governor-Elect, Regina Rhymes, DTM
  • Lt. Governor Education & Training-Elect, Marlow Wilkerson, DTM
  • Lt. Governor Marketing-Elect, Karen Persip, DTM
  • Division A Governor-Elect, Janet Cormier, DTM
  • Division B Governor-Elect, Deborah Urata
  • Division C Governor-Elect, Jessie Moore, DTM
  • Division D Governor-Elect, Everette Williams, ACG/ALB
  • Division E Governor-Elect, Kevin Gray, ACS/ALB
  • Division F Governor-Elect, Byron Brizuela, ACS/CL
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