April 8th: Meeting Highlights – Speeches

On April 8th, we had the pleasure to hear three dashing speeches:

Karina Gaete Llanos presented her speech entitled “Beyond The Club”—a persuasive speech to influence the audience to look for speaking opportunities outside the club. Karina appealed to the listeners’ interest to excel on public speaking, communication and leadership skills. Karina won the Most Improved Speaker ribbon.

Donald Longmire shared “A Scientific Survey Of Leprosy In The United States”—another persuasive delivery to alert us on the increasing spread of the disease along with ways to identify and prevent the infection. With his speech, Donald influenced the listeners to take action to avoid the spread of leprosy.

Bill Bau (ACB, CL) provided an informational and organized delivery entitled “USS Iowa”. Bill, who supported his case using information gathered through research, provided details of the battleship, from statistics to its intervention in conflicts. Bill won the Best Speaker ribbon.

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