April 8th: Meeting Highlights – Evaluations

On April 8th, the General Evaluator –Ivone Duffin (ACS/CL)—introduced the evaluators Julia Burge (DTM), James Noh and Grace Weltman (DTM). Ivone shared an accurate review of the meeting, highlighting the resolute professionalism of the Toastmaster, who also led Table Topic.  She also commented on the appropriateness of Mentor’s Moment, as well as the speakers’ professional attire. Ivone stressed the importance of adhereing to the timing on both the agenda and the speeches. She also emphasized that attendance confirmation to the Toastmaster prior to the meeting improves the meeting.

Julia underlined the passion, the emotion and the sincerity on Karina’s speech. The speaker, even if she was using notes, kept good eye contact with the audience. The evaluator stressed the importance of using both words and body language to communicate, and suggested using a strong closing sentence in such a heart-felt speech.  Julia was awarded with the Best Evaluator ribbon for her assessment.

James highlighted the general interest of the topic and the research required to gather information and prepare it. The evaluator complimented the speaker for using visual aids. However, he suggested better consideration when the visual aides are presented.  Presenting visual aides earlier when talking of certain subjects greatly assist the audience to better understanding the theme.

Grace pointed out Bill’s extraordinary and exceptional research of the topic and the suitable choice of the theme. She emphasized the importance of bringing up questions during the speech to catch the attention of the audience. The evaluator remarked the positive impact that visual aids have in any speech, and encouraged the speaker –and everyone—to make use of them on future presentations.

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