April 8th, 2013 – Relationships

On Monday 8th, we had the greatest meeting on the theme of Relationships. What an excellent subject for a meeting! Relationships are everywhere! —at home, at work, at school…

Jamel Wong led the Invocation and Pledge quoting the American lecturer and author Dale Carnegie, “There are always three speeches, for every one you actually gave. The one you practiced, the one you gave, and the one you wish you gave.”  This is what we experience on every occasion we deliver a speech. However, the distance between those three speeches narrows as we practice, practice and practice. Thank you Jamel for your accurate reminder!

Our President, Grace Weltman (DTM) reminded us how close our club is from reaching the Distinguished Club Program goals: our club just needs one more Advanced Communicator. Austin, Raül and Kathy: let’s go! You are almost there!

As Chair of the 30th Anniversary Celebration Committee, Julia Burge (DTM) informed us that this Committee will meet on Sunday 14th discuss further steps made on the organization of the event which will take place in June.

The Vice President of Membership, Emily Wratschko, announced that an Open House meeting will take place on May 13th. Suggestions for guest-speaker are welcomed.

After Emily, our Treasurer –James Noh—reminded us that dues are due: James will be happy to collect your $49 either by check or online via Paypal.

We welcomed the good news on Dona Tooley’s after her surgery. Dona, we send you our healing thoughts and we hope for a positive and quick recovery.

Grace Weltman (DTM) introduced the Toastmaster, Emily Wratschko, who wonderfully conducted an entertaining gathering and excelled as both Toastmaster and Table Topics Master.

While introducing the program participants, the grammarian, Shelley Stockwell-Nicholas (ACG), presented the Word of the Day: peculiar—an adjective meaning not usual or normal. Peculiar sounded peculiar to all of us, as only one person made use of this word during the meeting. Let’s do it better next time!

As Table Topics Master, Emily presented –off the cuff- a variety of intriguing questions about relationships, from what kind of relationship we have with our pets, to what is the best first date we ever had… Emily’s curiosity and creativity made of Table Topics an entertaining session. As a result, Emily was voted Best Program Manager. The Best Table Topics Speaker ribbon went to Grace Weltman (DTM). Congratulations, Emily and Grace!

During Mentor’s Moment, Betty Nebelsky (DTM) told us about the ten biggest public speaking mistakes. From starting a speech with a whimper –instead of with a powerful opening—to reading a speech word for word. “The last time someone read to you it was your mother…trying to get you to sleep”, Betty said. Thank you Betty, for your always-inspiring considerations!

We had the pleasure to hear three dashing speeches:

Karina Gaete Llanos presented her speech entitled “Beyond The Club”—a persuasive speech to influence the audience to look for speaking opportunities outside the club. Karina appealed to the listeners’ interest to excel on public speaking, communication and leadership skills. Karina won the Most Improved Speaker ribbon.

Donald Longmire shared “A Scientific Survey Of Leprosy In The United States”—another persuasive delivery to alert us on the increasing spread of the disease along with ways to identify and prevent the infection. With his speech, Donald influenced the listeners to take action to avoid the spread of leprosy.

Bill Bau (ACB, CL) provided an informational and organized delivery entitled “USS Iowa”. Bill, who supported his case using information gathered through research, provided details of the battleship, from statistics to its intervention in conflicts. Bill won the Best Speaker ribbon.

After the speeches, the General Evaluator –Ivone Duffin (ACS/CL)—introduced the evaluators Julia Burge (DTM), James Noh and Grace Weltman (DTM). Ivone shared an accurate review of the meeting, highlighting the resolute professionalism of the Toastmaster, who also led Table Topic.  She also commented on the appropriateness of Mentor’s Moment, as well as the speakers’ professional attire. Ivone stressed the importance of adhereing to the timing on both the agenda and the speeches. She also emphasized that attendance confirmation to the Toastmaster prior to the meeting improves the meeting.

Julia underlined the passion, the emotion and the sincerity on Karina’s speech. The speaker, even if she was using notes, kept good eye contact with the audience. The evaluator stressed the importance of using both words and body language to communicate, and suggested using a strong closing sentence in such a heart-felt speech.  Julia was awarded with the Best Evaluator ribbon for her assessment.

James highlighted the general interest of the topic and the research required to gather information and prepare it. The evaluator complimented the speaker for using visual aids. However, he suggested better consideration when the visual aides are presented.  Presenting visual aides earlier when talking of certain subjects greatly assist the audience to better understanding the theme.

Grace pointed out Bill’s extraordinary and exceptional research of the topic and the suitable choice of the theme. She emphasized the importance of bringing up questions during the speech to catch the attention of the audience. The evaluator remarked the positive impact that visual aids have in any speech, and encouraged the speaker –and everyone—to make use of them on future presentations.

Next Monday, April 15th, we shall talk about Brands. The meeting will be at the regular venue: at Coco’s Restaurant from 7:00 to 9:00pm. Come on in and join us! It’s always fun!

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