April 22nd: Meeting Highlights – Speeches

On April 22nd, we had the pleasure to hear three vibrant speeches:

Maryam Solhjou shared speech entitled “Pathways To Well-Being”: a researched topic on Martin Seligman’s –the founder of positive psychology—findings on what contributes to healthy states of mind. Maryam showed us how Seligman points to practices that truly give life meaning –going beyond the conventional pleasure seeking form of happiness. Maryam was voted Most Improved speaker.

Shelley Stockwell-Nicholas (ACG) spoke about “Poetry.” Shelley told us about how she discovered her passion for poetry, her first poetic writings, how poetry awakens our senses, and she concluded by reciting passages of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll.  All in all, a striking journey through rhyme and recitation.

Steve Weltman presented “The Criticality Of Being Engaged”—an inspirational speech to motivate the audience to improve personally and spiritually. Steve brought the audience in a mood of fellowship and shared desire, built the audience’s enthusiasm, proposed a change and appealed to the audience to adopt this change. Steve won the Best Speaker ribbon.

Steve Weltman during his speech.

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