April 22nd: Meeting Highlights – Evaluations

After the speeches, the General Evaluator –Ivone Duffin (DTM)—introduced the evaluators Grace Weltman (DTM), Caragh O’Brien and Laura Wratschko. Ivone highlighted:

  • The absence of agendas for the meeting.
  • The members’ readiness to fulfill meeting roles off-the-cuff and make the gathering successfully happen.

Grace highlighted the suitability of starting the speech with a question to catch the audience’s attention, the excellent organization of Maryam’s speech, her constant eye contact with the audience, and the strength of the conclusion. The suggestions for improvement pointed out to introducing some statistics data, and avoiding the use of notes to enable body, arms and hand natural movement.

Grace Weltman during her evaluation

Caragh complimented Shelley for not using notes, her reciting skills, and her outstanding explanation of what poetry means to her. The evaluator could only find compliments for such a great speaker as Shelley is. Caragh suggested perfecting the speech by telling us how to write poetry.

Caragh O'Brien during her evaluation.

Caragh O’Brien during her evaluation.

Laura pointed out Steve’s’ remarkable cleverness to inspire and motivate the audience in high values, calling for a change on our personal actions. The evaluator suggested the speaker to be more direct by avoiding comments that do not add content to such an enthuse speech. Laura was voted Best Evaluator. Congratulations!

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