March 4th: Meeting Highlights – Mentors Moment

During Mentor’s Moment, Larry Savell (DTM) reminded us of the General Evaluator’s decisive role —who evaluates anything and everything taking place throughout the meeting, or doesn’t but should:

  • Are the club’s trophies, banners and educational material properly displayed?
  • Is the Invocation and Pledge appropriate? If so, is it inspirational or patriotic?
  • Have the business meeting been conducted diligently?
  • Has the Table Topic Master chosen a pertinent topic? Was the questions’ length appropriate?
  • Did the Toastmaster give an introduction for all the speakers?
  • Did the Evaluators give a positive feedback enhancing or at least preserving the self-esteem of the speaker?
  • Did the other meeting roles—from the Grammarian to the Ballot Counter—execute their responsibility proficiently?

Thank you Larry, for your always-valuable considerations!

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