February 25th: Meeting Highlights – Speeches and Evaluations

On February 25th, we had the pleasure to hear three awe-inspiring speeches:

Emily Wratschko shared her speech entitled “The Adventures of Emily and Laura.”  Using a pleasant and expressive voice, Emily related her experiences around South Bay’s second hand record stores in search of records for a gramophone—her mom’s, Laura, latest acquisition. Thank you Emily for such an entertaining speech!

Theresa Branconier presented her discourse “Childish Innocence”. She told us about the spontaneous response of her five-year-old friend Alexis when Theresa asked her what to speak about on her speech. “Speak about fairies”, Alexis replied. Alexis’ spontaneous reaction made Theresa felt as happy as she was astounded for the naturalness of her friend’s answer and behavior. “We all should do more like a five-year-old to have a new outlook on the world”—Theresa concluded. Every word used added value, meaning, and impact to Theresa’s speech. Theresa won the Most Improved Speaker ribbon.

Shelly Lipanovich (CC) provided an informational and entertaining delivery entitled “Toastmasters Defined!” With her humorous speech, Shelly put some light on Toastmasters’ Communication and Leadership Tracks. Using helpful visuals, Shelly told us how to become a Competent Communicator—and then work towards Advanced Communicator Bronze, Silver, and Gold—and how to become a Competent Leader—and then work towards Advanced Leader Bronze and Silver. The two tracks that lead us to Distinguished Toastmaster! Shelly won the Best Speaker ribbon. Congratulations, Shelly!

The General Evaluator, Donald Longmire, introduced the evaluation part of the meeting by presenting Maryam Solhjou, Terry Chodosh (CTM) and Kathy Branconier (CC/CL)—the evaluators. Donald delivered an accurate summary of the planning and running of the meeting.

Maryam emphasized the humorous undertone and excellent eye contact used by Emily in her speech. The evaluator highlighted that an outstanding use of vocal variety—such as Emily’s-becomes even more powerful when accompanied by a more natural body language.

Terry underlined the impeccable organization of Theresa’s discourse, complemented with personal experiences. He pointed out the importance of voice variation, and avoiding lectern and notes—particularly when talking about an emotional topic.

Kathy highlighted Shelly’s natural humorous skills to give an educational delivery supported by visual aids—and encouraged members to advance in their manuals. The evaluator stressed the benefits of smiling while delivering a speech; however laughing may disturb the sense of good spirit when speaking to an audience. Kathy was voted Best Evaluator of the meeting.

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