February 25th: Meeting Highlights – Grammarian

The grammarian, Lucy Mendoza, presented the Word of the Day: visionary—an adjective meaning having or showing clear ideas about what should happen or be done in the future; having or showing a powerful imagination; or relating to something that is seen or imagined in a dream or vision. Several speakers used visionary in their speeches, and we had the pleasure to hear several pieces of creative language, like:

  • “Hardwork is easy work not done in the proper time” by Grace Weltman (DTM).
  • “Toastmasters is a place where we can fail and not be fired for it” by Shelly Lipanovich (CC).
  • “You must learn to disagree without being disagreeable” by Terry Chodosh (CTM).

Congratulations to all the speakers! Listening to your words is always a pleasure for the ears!

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