Twitter for PV174

Greetings Fellow Toastmasters and our Honored guests….

Technology is a wonderful thing.  So many of you are learning to adopt various online software such as LinkedIn for professional networking, Twitter for microblogging, Facebook for sharing your personal details with friends and family, YouTube for online videos of all kinds, and Pictogram or Picasa for sharing images.  There are so many more, but I have just touched on the larger ones.

At Peninsula, we’ve come along way with technology as well.  We’re using a Word Press blog as the website’s framework and with it, Word Press continuously updates its capabilities and functionality to include things like Twitter and Facebook without adding plug in modules or other code.  We have added a Twitter account called “@pv174tm” which will post on this website when we tweet or post or post back to twitter when we update the blog.  Pretty cool, eh?

What I’d like each of you to consider is to follow @pv174tm  on your twitter account if you have one. and if you don’t have one. consider getting one.  Not that I expect you to have thousands of followers (although that would be good), a twitter account could be a simple tool to provide your friends and relatives updates on your vacation, your thoughts on a particular subject or even to mention a news article.

In either case, I hope you can take advantage of some of the tools that we have access which may improve your communications options.

Best Regards,


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