February 4th, 2013 – Evaluation Contest

On Monday 4th, we enjoyed of an extraordinary meeting: our club hosted the Evaluation Contest!

The session started off with the Invocation led by Steve Weltman. Steve inspired us on the importance of preparation. The most critical discriminator between those who win and those who do not is preparation. First of all, we have to know the purpose, use, or activity we want to accomplish and its requirements; and, secondly, we have to make ourselves ready beforehand to achieve what we want to reach. Success doesn’t happen by accident: it comes from preparation. Thank you Steve for your wise words!

Our President, Grace Weltman (DTM) welcomed our guests: Margaret –who visited us from Melbourne, Australia—Thomas, Bethany and Eva. Grace followed by yielding the floor to Gordon Kehmeier (ATMB), who made us aware of the difficult moments that he and Anita, his wife, are experiencing. We hold faith in Anita’s strength. Our prayers and good thoughts are with both Gordon and Anita.

Our Vice President of Public Relations, Karina Gaete Llanos, announced the publication of the first newsletter of 2013. Karina reminded the attendants about our club hosting the International Contest on February 11th. Positions for several roles –including contestants—are open.

Grace followed with the introduction of the Evaluation Contest Chair: Shelly Lipanovich (CC). Shelly chose “At your Best” as the topic of the Evaluation Contest –and at her best is what she did on the organization of the Contest! Thank you Shelly for such a great job!

After introducing the Toastmaster, Raül López (CC), Shelly introduced the test speaker: Eva Chen, a fellow Toastmaster from Wine Tasting Toastmasters Club.

“How much do you know about personal branding?” With this question Eva instructed us about ways to become better us and brand ourselves. Yes! Eva not only was a guest, but also the test speaker! And a very courageous one, as five seasoned contestants evaluated her: Maryam Soljhou, Shelley Stockwell-Nicholas (ACG), Bill Bau (ACB, CL), Philip Lundeen and Larry Savell (DTM, Club Mentor). Eva took the Enthusiasm Award ribbon: she deserved it!

The evaluators did a terrific job highlighting the speakers’ strengths and weakness in an encouraging way, and offering specific suggestions for improvement. The acoustic qualities of the meeting room and the position of evaluators allowed them to perceive Eva’s voice projection differently. All of them congratulate the speaker for not using the lectern, and encouraged her to leave aside the unused notes that she held in her hand.

Maryam took the 3rd place and Larry the 2nd place. Raising above all of the other very strong participants, Philip Lundeen won the 2013 Peninsula Toastmaster’s Club 174 Evaluation Contest. Congratulations to Phil! And thank you to all the contestants for offering the audience the opportunity to learn by observing proficient communicators and leaders like you!

Both members and guests had a good time. Thomas, Bethany, Eva and Margaret enjoyed our meeting and highlighted the supportive environment of the club. Thank you all for attending our meeting! We look forward to welcoming you as members very soon!

Next Monday, February 11th, our club will host another special meeting: the International Speech Contest. The meeting will be at the regular venue: at Coco’s Restaurant from 7:00 to 9:00pm. Be thinking about your participation in this contest! It will be fun!

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