Feb.18th: Meeting Highlights – Mentors Moment

Mentors Moment came to us from Ivone Duffin (ACS/CL), who passed on two important pieces of advice to improve our professional image as individuals and as a Toastmaster group. “Maybe because of the comradeship’s environment that we enjoy at our club, instead of dressing up we dress down.”—Ivone said. “Our club helps its members to develop communication and leadership skills. But those skills are dramatically recognized by others when they are accompanied by a flawless visual presence.”—Ivone stated. After suggesting the attendants to wear more professional attire at our meetings, Ivone introduced the second piece of advice: the proper use of technology during our meetings.

Cell phones, mobile devices and laptops have improved our communications. However, in an educational setting like Toastmasters, the inappropriate use of these devices while others are speaking disrupts the full development of the meeting. “It is not only the concern for the disturbance that matters: it is also the lack of attention paid to the speaker, and –by extent—the poor consideration we show towards a peer Toastmaster”—she added. Ivone concluded by urging the audience to adopt best practices on the use of technology devices. Thank you, Ivone for your wise advice!

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