January 7th, 2013 – Resolutions

Peninsula Toastmasters Club 174 is once again moving forward after the winter holiday break. Hurray!

On Monday 7th, we had a very good meeting…again! We started off our first meeting of 2013 with a great theme: Resolutions—it couldn’t be more appropriate!

Ivone Duffin, who led the invocation and pledge, reminded us that a resolution is the commitment that a person makes to personal goals, projects or changing a habit. But Ivone also highlighted the importance of being thankful for our achievements as individuals, as a group, as family members, as professionals, and all in all in every area of our lives. Thank you, Ivone, for your inspiring words! In this respect, our club remains thankful for the goals it reached: Peninsula Toastmaster Club 174 is a select distinguished club for having achieved 8 out of 10 goals at year-end.  Congratulations!

Our President, Grace Weltman, after welcoming the guests—Kiara and Alfie—introduced the Toastmaster: Theresa Branconier. Theresa did a stunning job as a Toastmaster. (Clap your hands and cheer!) None would have ever said she was a first-timer!

Considering this was the first meeting of the year, the Grammarian—Ivone Duffin—chose an appropriate Word of the Day for the return to our regular meetings. Return, a noun referring to the profit from an investment or business. The word was conveniently written in cards and placed in sight on both tables. However, only three speakers made use of it during their speeches. We will do better next time!

We had an interesting, unusual and entertaining session of Table Topics led by Caragh O’Brien, who came up with a game of chained questions. Starting by “What would your product be if you had to start your own business?” the attendees—by their replies—made up the story of an imaginary company: from the initial idea of business, to the customer service. Congratulations, Caragh, for your creativity! Raising above all of the other very strong participants, Shelly Lipanovich took the Best Table Topics Speaker ribbon.

“Who among you have ever been criticized?” With this question Vaishali Sahay opened Mentor’s Moment. How should we take criticism? Vaishali told us that, while criticism can be taken as hurtful and demoralizing, it has its positive side. Find the gem in it: honest feedback and a suggestion for improvement.  Thank you, Vaishali, for your wise words!

Three prepared speeches were shared:

▪ Roman Messick shared his speech on Project#4, My New Year’s Resolution. Roman was voted Most Improved Speaker.

▪ Maryam Solhjou delivered on the same very project with a speech entitled Johari Window. Maryam took the Best Speaker ribbon.

▪ Karina Gaete Llanos spoke on her Project #8 speech, Responsibilities and Goals on Public Relations.

Thank you to our evaluators –Austin, Julia, Donald and Vaishali—for highlighting the speakers’ strengths and weakness in an encouraging way, and offering specific suggestions for improvement.

Both members and guests had a good time. Kiara and Alfie, told us they will be back. You are on the right track to be great Toastmasters!

We look forward to seeing you again! Next meeting will be on Monday 14th from 7:00 to 9:00pm at Coco’s Restaurant.

Let’s enjoy a prosperous and terrific New Year together!

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