December 10th, 2012 – Sports

On Monday 10th, we had a really good meeting. The theme was Sports.


The Grammarian chose a convenient Word of the Day: aficionado –a noun referring to a person who likes and knows a lot about something at the amateur level.

Remember; picking up a word somehow related to the theme of the meeting, make the speakers using it with ease.


Our Table Topics Master asked us some very pertinent, well-researched questions on sports.


Our Mentor’s Moment subtlety used her first-time surfer experience from that very morning to give us some speech preparation advice:

  • To hear attentively what your mentor says
  • To follow carefully the instructions given
  • To prepare yourself to face the new challenge
  • To go for it

You may not succeed at once, but you improve your skills by trying and trying again.


Four prepared speeches were shared:

  • Lucy delivered her Icebreaker speech entitled Making Peace With God, Making Peace With The Lectern
  • Roman shared his speech on Project#3, Here’s To Good Friends.
  • Vaishali delivered on the same very project with a speech entitled Boomerang.
  • Stan spoke on his non-manual speech, Try And Try Again.


We thank our evaluators –Austin, Julia, Larry, and Philip—for highlighting the speakers’ strengths and weakness in an encouraging way, and offering specific suggestions for improvement.


Approaching the end of the present term, our President closed the meeting thanking the officers serving during the last six months for the stunning work done during this term. Marlo, Ivone, Lupe, Shelly, Julia, Philip, and Gilbert, THANK YOU!


Reminder: our Club will not hold meetings on December 24th and 31st. In 2013, regular meetings will start on January 7th.


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