Dec 3, 2012 Good Books

The Word of the Day for this meeting was ‘Publish.’ And it went very well with our theme, which was “Good Books.”

There’s a helpful idea: When choosing the Word of Day we can relate it back to the theme of the meeting. That way it will be easier for us to use the word during Table Topics.


Betty gave a great Mentor’s Moment this evening. She reminded us to always put our best Voice forward. The first thing people get to hear is our voice. Studies have shown that 25% of people talk too low and 50% of people talk to high. These could be for a number of reasons. (for example not letting go of childhood voice) It’s crucial to success!

  • Something we can do to establish our real voice is to “hmmmmmm” Frank Sinatra used to hmmm every morning to establish his natural voice.


Reminding everyone that there won’t be a meeting the last two weeks of December; the 21st and 22nd. The New Officers start their roles December 17.

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