Our Halloween theme meeting was a success!

For those who came to our Halloween night on October 29th it was fantastic! 

The two witches on the left, Sherry and Betty, we’re our Toastmasters for the evening… And boy did they play the part! Betty came flying in on her magic broom and Sherry was right next to her. Ivone, on the right, is our club’s Vice President of Education. The evening was well planned for our Halloween Theme. 

– The Vice President of Education plans our club’s meetings, sets new members up with mentors, decides the themes for the meetings, and makes sure the roles are filled. 



Next up Gilbert was our Table Topics Master for the evening. Gilbert gave a brief description, of the cause of death, that happened to one of our members. He then called on someone to give a short eulogy. It was very creative.

– That’s what great about being the Table Topics Master! You can be creative and bring your ideas to life. 

Grab Bag is another creative idea that is used in our club as well


 … and here is Julia (our Club’s Secretary) and her husband, Austin. Austin won the “Best Table Topics” answer. 

– The Secretary of our meetings will take minutes and send them out to the club members, to recap what happened. 

The Secretary will find a replacement if he/she is not able to make it.

… and here is Vaishali (our member), Shelly (Vice President of Public Relations), and Sherrie (our Toastmaster for the evening) 

– The Vice President of  Public Relations is responsible for keeping a positive image about Toastmasters in the public eye, and maintaining open communication for the members and the public.  

We have about 50 active members in our club

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