I’m the Table Topics Master… Now what?!

So you are now the Table Topics Master. Here are a few helpful tips to successfully fufill the role 

1. Before the meeting you should prepare 25-30 questions RELATED to the THEME of the meeting.

If the theme of the  meeting is News, then the questions should be related to the News.

** If you would like to ask other questions, related to another theme, then communicate with the Toastmaster and let the VPE know of the changes for the theme.

2. When you are at the meeting, keep note of who does not have a speaking role, and call on those people first. Then start calling the functionaries and ask if any guests would like a question. Move quickly so more people can get a chance to speak.

This is important because our members pay to speak in Toastmasters. Everyone should get a chance to speak.

Avoid calling on the Program managers, Evaluators, and Speakers

3. If anyone panics on a question, encourage them for another train of thought

4. Call for Timer’s report and return control back to the Toastmaster

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