2012 Club Officers

The following club members have volunteered to serve as officers for the term.

July 2012 until January 2013

Office Incoming Officers Outgoing Officers
President Marlo Duffin Marlo Duffin
Vice President Education Ivone Duffin Shelly Lipanovich
Vice President Membership Lupe Andrade-Powell Michael Schulam
Vice President Marketing Shelly Lipanovich Raymond Duke
Treasurer Philip Lundeen Philip Lundeen
Secretary Julia Burge Austin Burge
Sergeant at Arms Gilbert Gauthier Elayne Grgas

The new officers were installed and take office on the July 18th  meeting.

Please give your full support to our new governing body and ask to assist your officers. Your efforts are truly needed and will be a great experience in your steps to become an officer in a future term.

Thanks to the outgoing group for their fine work. We’re off to a great start to again be a President’s Distinguished Club.

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